Trade License

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About/What is Trade License?

Trade License is issued by the Local authority to run the listed business by the trader within the jurisdiction of the local body. It is one of an initiative to regulate trade to ensure that the citizens are not adversely affected by health hazards and nuisance. It ensures that the location at which is carried out is according to the relevant rules and regulations, standards and safety guidelines.

The Trade License fee charged by GHMC is as follows

Sl.No No of Lanes Road Width Rate per Sft Maximun Amount
1 Single Lane 20 Feet Rs. 3/- Rs. 10,000/-
2 Double Lane 30 Feet Rs. 4/- Rs. 50,000/-
3 Multiple Lane >30 Feet Rs. 6/- Rs. 2,00,000/-
4 Star Hotels, Corporate Hospitals >30 Feet Rs. 6/- Rs. 2,50,000/-


Hyderabad trade license from the GHMC must be obtained by all businesses operating in Hyderabad within 30 days of commencing activity.The authority for grant of GHMC trade license would vary based on the category of establishment.


Step 1 : Register in our Client Login and upload the required physical copies (First Day)
Step 2:After Verification of Documents and our team willl prepare the necessary Application and supporting documents for submitting application in online/Physical.(2-4 Days)
Step 3:After submission of application the chief inspector, will process the application. Our team will be posting upon the updates of application processing . (4-13Days)
Step 4: After Completion of Registration, we shall send you the Trade license Certificate.

Required Documents

Following are the required documents for Labour License in Telangana

  • Aadhaar Card – Individual
  • PAN/Incorporation Certificate – Business
  • Lease Deed/Legal Occupancy

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We charge INR 2500/- (All inclusive) for Trade license.
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