Monthly Payroll process

What is Payroll?

  • Payroll starts from hiring employees to exit employees
  • The whole process of recording the events including recruitment, monthly pay process &  full & final settlement in Exit involving the financial aspect is called as Payroll Process
  • The better you manage the process, the better you manage the employees.
  • The designed process should submit accurate information & reports at appropriate stages of time to different Payroll Stakeholders

Payroll Stakeholders

  • There are five Payroll stakeholders in general
  • Employees
  • Management
  • State Government
  • Central Government
  • Audit authorities

Role & Requirements

Each stakeholder needs definitive information at different stage of payroll process. The Payroll system should be able to generate such information with accuracy & appropriateness.

Payroll Stakeholder Role Requirements
Employees Individual Individual Pay-related information like Payslips, Tax slips, Investment Declarations, F&F Statements & Annual Salary statements
Management Decision Making Variance Analysis, Cost to the company & any employee related information based on the requirement

State Government

– Professional tax

Collecting taxes Salary statement with detailed breakup effecting the calculation of taxes

Central Government


Collecting Taxes Salary statement with detailed breakup effecting the calculation of taxes
Audit Authorities Audit of Financials Payroll related statements effecting the Financial statements with respect to recognition, treatment & disclosures

Problems Faced

  • Lack of information flow between different stakeholders, thereby resulting in defaults & penalties to the company.
  • Lack of confidentiality of salary package of different high & low level employees.
  • Lack of generation of payslips & employee related reports in a timely manner.
  • Lack of current & relevant knowledge of statutory laws related to Payroll.
  • Lack of Employee query addressal system.
  • Lack of competent Payroll in-house manager

Our Services

Our Services Includes:

  • A.Structuring of Salaries of all the employees including directors & Expats if any.
  • B.Generation of Pay slips & Tax slips every month.
  • C.Bank wise payment sheet with employee name and account number as per the Banker format.
  • D.Income Tax reports and its statutory requirements like.
    1)Real time calculation of TDS.
    2)Filling of E-TDS Return for every quarter before due date (Form No.24Q),
    3)Maintaining the file for each employee for Chapter VI-A & other deduction proof
    4)Generation of Form 16 (Part A & Part B along with relevant annexures) at the year end.
  • E.Computation & Monthly Filing of Provident Fund & ESIC benefit fund as per the applicable statutes
  • F.Computation & Monthly Filing of Professional tax as per applicable slabs.
  • G.Individual Employees Login IDs for uploading of Investment Declarations and Pay slips.


Payroll & Related Services Pricing – inclusive of all costs & taxes
– If Employee count is less than 20

INR 7,000/-


– If Employee count is between 20 & 50

INR 7,000/- + INR 100 per employee in excess of 20.


– If Employee count is more than 50

INR 10,000/- + INR 100 per employee in excess of 50.


Payroll Implementation charges (applicable only if employees are more than 20)

INR 5, 000/-


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Why us ?

Defaults in compliance & monetary consequences Being in the Industry for 10+ years we understand in and out of payroll process, which made our processes improve & perfect over time
Mistakes & delays in the process Being able to retain the best of software & resources we are able to provide the payroll services in timely & accurate basis.
High & unnecessary costs involved in a in-house payroll system Being able to understand the practical problems of Payroll industry, we were able to strike the right chord with respect to pricing of our services in a competitive and customer friendly basis. We always work along the budgets of the clients.