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About/What is Professional Tax?

Professional Tax is a state level tax levied on professions and trades in India. Based on the salary or income levels, the tax is calculated and the same is deducted from the salary by the employers.The employer is responsible to deduct professional tax from the salaries of his employees and to pay the authorities. The Employee’s professional tax slab rates varies from state to state where as employer professional Tax is fixed amount .


Professional tax registration is required for persons engaged in any profession or businees.


Step 1 : Register in our Client Login and upload the required physical copies (First Day)
Step 2: After Verification of Documents and our team willl prepare the necessary Application and supporting documents for submitting application in online/Physical. (2 days)
Step 3: After submission of application the concerned Professional Tax Office will process the application and may request for more information or documents. Our team will be posting upon the updates of application processing . (3-4 Days)
Step 4: After Completion of Registration, we shall send you the Professional Tax registartion Certificate.

Required Documents

The required document varies from state to state , Click on Get Quotation tab below and fill the details, you will receive required documents list & quotation in few seconds in your mailbox.

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We charge INR 3999/- (All inclusive) for Professional tax Registration.
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