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Validate your business idea with us, not for the sake of Investment, but for the sake of assessing your financial, time commitments to transform the idea into a business

  • As per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi, there are more than 15 Lakh companies are incorporated in India at the end of December 2015 out of which only little over 10 Lakh companies are active.
  • As per the Silicon Valley investment fund managers, 1 out of 10,000 ideas succeed into a business venture, remaining 9,999 are regarded as failures.

All this information verifies the fact that lack of a plan, focus and competence are the main reasons for such failures.

WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THE PLAN, if you are already a focused and competent entrepreneur.

Being in the industry for more than 10 years and part of preparing business plans for many industries, we understand the problems faced by young & experienced entrepreneurs and WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

A business plan will establish sanity to your business idea & will help you to understand the practicality of the world & plug loopholes and project your idea in a better way for funding & business transformation.

Business plan is a pre-cursor to the following events:

  1. Raising Capital both equity or debt
  2. Investing in a business venture
  3. Future scaling of the business by the management
  4. Capital decision making with respect to investing in a subsidiary or a separate vertical of business

Our role will be to:

  1. Evaluate objectively the uniqueness of your Business idea and validate the same with numbers
  2. Direct the visions of the entrepreneur and provide the mission statement for achieving the transformation of idea into a successful business.
  3. Prepare a comprehensive Business plan with all ratios & analysis for the sake of investors (both for Seed & Venture investments)
  4. Help the entrepreneur in formulating the feasibility of the business and assess the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat for the business. (SWOT Analysis)
  5. Prepare the entrepreneur for the Investor meeting & helping him to succeed in projecting the Business plan in a positive & accurate manner.

Our charges:

No business plan is the same & hence we cannot fix a blanket price to our services. However, for the sake of the entrepreneur budget needs, we have made the costing depending on the time spent by us.

  1. For a generic Business plan, (i.e. the time spent being less than 7 days), our charges will be around 10-15K per plan (All inclusive)
  2. For a more specific Business plan, (i.e. the time spent being more than 7 days and less than 15 days), our charges will be around 25-30K per plan (All inclusive)

For accompanying the entrepreneur to the Investor meeting, we charge 20K in addition to the above fees.