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About Partnership Firm

A partnership firm is a business structure in which two or more individuals manage and operate a business in accordance with the terms and objectives set out in a Partnership Deed that may or may not be registered.A partnership firm is best for small businesses that plan to remain small. Low costs, ease of setting up and minimal compliance requirements make it a sensible option for such businesses.

A partnership must have at least two partners. A partnership firm in the banking business can have up to 10 partners, while those engaged in any other business can have 20 partners. These partners can divide profits and losses equally or unequally.

Registration of a partnership is not necessary. However, for a partner to sue another partner or the firm itself, the partnership should be registered. Moreover, for the partnership to bring any suit to court, the firm should be registered. For this reason, it is recommended that larger businesses register the partnership deed.


  • Easy to Start
  • Not many compliances
  • Relatively Inexpensive compared to LLP and company
  • Easy To Close
  • Could be converted into Private Limited Company whenever required


Step 1 : Register in our Client Login and upload the required physical copies with Required Names of the Busines (First Day)
Step 2: After geeting the required documents, our team willl prepare the necessary Application and supporting documents for submitting application in online. (2-3 days)
Step 3: After submission of application the authority, will process the application. Our team will be posting upon the updates of application processing . (4-5 Days)
Step 4: After Completion of Registration, we shall send you the Registration Certificate.

Required Documents

  • Identity and Address proofs of all partners
  • Application for registration under Partnership Act
  • Original scan copy of Partnership Deed signed by all partners
  • Affidavit declaring intention to become partner
  • Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)

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We charge INR 5999/- (All inclusive) for Partnership Registration
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